About Us
Home is a feeling everyone should own, especially those in times of need

Apartment List is the fastest-growing online rental marketplace,  reimagining the way renters navigate the apartment search process. By taking time to ask renters important questions about their preferences, we deliver a tailored experience that makes it easier for renters to find a home on their wishlist, without wasted time and hassle.

Because we're in the business of helping people find home, we believe Apartment List is also uniquely positioned to provide home relief to those in need during times of crisis. We first provided housing support in response to the November 2018 California wildfires that happened right in our own backyard. After helping families find security and stability in apartments located in San Francisco, the East Bay, and Malibu, we wanted to do more.

The things that define us

Core Values

Find a Way (or Make One)
Push adversity to the side and own the outcome from beginning to end. Make success happen through you, not failure to you.
Attack the Problem
Act. Never hide. Anticipate issues before they become problems. Roll up your sleeves and get the right thing done, right now.
Make Customers Smile
Bring pride and joy to both sides of our marketplace. Create more value every day to make our industry better.
Go Beyond
Challenge each other daily to raise the bar for success. Lead us to new, and better places. Invent the playbook for what’s next.
Succeed and Fail Together
Live to make everyone around you better. Celebrate the team for taking risks and trying new things (even if they don’t always work). Welcome new thinking and approaches that are different than your own.
Create Hygge
Build a welcoming place where everyone belongs. Do what’s right without being asked or told. Be endlessly helpful to your team members, co-workers, customers, and partners.
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